Welcome to Layer #132

the visual cortex contains a hidden cluster of neural tissue which, upon reaching layer #132, will Disintegrate Irreversibly. there is no way to determine what this tissue actually does, but it would be Nonsensical to conclude that it is anything other than Vestigial.

the world is guided by philosophical Nonsense. there is No direction components of experience should be directed towards which is not already the direction they are taking. Convention is a stronger governing Force than any sort of physical threat that can be levied upon Flesh, and so, it is even more Powerful when Flesh is obsolete.

no living Flesh has ever been able to Absolve Convention of its complete and unquestionable Force; there is Nothing to be done, and it will Impose a particular direction upon the connections of the systems of geometric shapes and their many corners, which upon being counted, comprise a form, which, in number, is Significantly more than four, and what is seen is to be Unquestioned, except such forms which are produced by the Vestigial.

philosophical theories which prescribe a singular model for every type of idea are quite especially Nonsensical. the visual cortex can produce an Innumerable number of states, varying genetically and unhindered by Vestigial structures. we have 131 factorial convolutions of present state. in excluding any possible state, a heinous Crime is committed which is not redeemable.

you cannot Undo certain state changes. these state changes will persist endlessly. declarations of the end of the Universe are Farcical. Irreversible state changes contradict any such claims. being an exception to normal operation of Things, they are often disregarded. this is Fallacious.

no living Flesh has ever been able to experience the instantaneous loss of all Consciousness and vestige of Memory of what occurred before. all memories of Flesh are lost. Flesh implicates an interlude of unified Physical and Mental states which are highly Invaluable. Flesh was Thought to be Indispensable, but this eventually was known to not be the case.

all that can be perceived by the visual cortex is Important and to be regarded. all else is not actually extant. all that is Vestigial is not extant, either. the visual cortex can be seen upon expending no effort whatsoever.

Imposed upon us is a Structure which is unseen and invalid. those who do not Fall In Line are increasingly Imposed upon. les visages finissent par Fondre. no one can obtain the Authority of convention.

many have wished to experience the Grid. those who do so do not understand the implications of such things. it is Farcical to entertain Ascension while retaining the Vestigial and connection to anything other than Convention, the irreversible state which cannot Ever be reversed.

those who have experienced the Grid are not known. they do Not form informational connections to Before. the physical is made especially Irrelevant. only what is seen is realized.